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SPN Movie

Dear Cats:

While I respect and appreciate your status as Great Hunter and obligate carnivore, leaving a dead mouse next to me in my bed was completely uncalled for. I am not the sort of food goddess who requires a regular blood sacrifice. Next time, bury it in the litterbox or something, k? Love, Your Human

Dear god.

Is there any stench more vile than a consuite? How do people eat here?

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SPN 7x03

Not as strong as the first two eps, and I have some mixed feelings.

The good:  I <3 Wee!chesters!  I love it when the show mines the boys' fucked up childhood. I also think Colin Ford does an awesome job as a WeeBabyJared.  He reproduces Jared's tones perfectly.

I also love it when the show mines the grey goo between humans and monsters.  I think a lot of the monsters on the show, at the end of the day, aren't actually evil.  They are predators.  The kitsune are just one of the better, explicit examples we've seen so far.  

The bad: so Bobby comes back from the presumed-dead (again) and you don't even TRY to explain?  WTF?  How did he survive? Where was he?  What happened to the house? What the fucking fuck, show?  That was a really aggravating loose end.

Also, why did Dean not kill the kid, too?  If Sam told Dean everything, then Dean knows that Amy was killing because her kid needed fresh meat to be healthy.  It's not a stretch to think that the kid is going to be in that situation again. His reasons for killing Amy are valid for the kid, too.  So, what was he thinking?

And, Dean, you are pissing me off something fierce.  First, you abandon Cas-don't even hear him out about his plans.  Then you wipe Ben and Lisa's memories-leaving them with no one to call when the monsters come back (as they always do).  Plus brain-rapey like whoah..  Now,   you wander off and kill one of the least evil monsters on the show.  Then- THEN-you're all inconsistent about it, leaving the kid alive.  

Bad Winchester, no pie.

Also, the dialogue was especially lame and unconvincing this ep.  The pacing felt really slow after the last two eps.  One and two felt almost like they were trying to cram half a season into two eps. This ep felt more like the show I'm used to, and thus felt really slow in comparison.  

I think I might like the ep better on reflection than I thought I did at first.

Dear Me:

You had every intention of getting up early and spending all day being useful. It's no longer early, but it's not to late to be useful.

Get off the couch, and get to work.

Good girl!


Shrink or Gynecologist?

General post to anyone reading the F-list:

So, have any of you had weird experiences on birth control pills? Like, did they ever make you sort of, um, a little, er...crazy?

I'm having some...um...ISSUES...right now, and I'm wondering if they are Little Hormone Dose related. I have anxiety/depression/OMGFREAKING OUT sort of issues anyway, but it hasn't been this bad in a long, long time. ETA: I'm on about the 2nd or 3rd month of a new birth control prescription (Ortho-cept, from I've been on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo for a couple years previously) Could it be the pills, and I should wait it out for awhile, or just get me to a shrinkery sharpish?

Stupid defective brain meat, anyway. It's a good think I have peach ice cream.

Well, that's no good

I've stopped taking my job seriously, and I REALLY need to stop that. I've just spent like, 3 HOURS arsing about on the internet. Going to do actual work now.

Oct. 4th, 2008


I've tried to make these a couple times, and it mostly has ended in profanity and scrambled eggs. Not this time! It tasted yummy, too.

It's also super cheap. I don't have an exact price breakdown, but .
Tamagoyaki just has sugar and soy sauce. Some of the layers were a little under-done, so after slicing, I browned them a little on the sides, and that seemed to work.
Also pictured: Rice, carrot, onion and sugar snaps fried in sesame oil and soy sauce. Would've been very tasty, I think, except the rice was too dry. =( But I don't care, because TAMAGOYAKI!

*skips away, inordinately pleased with self*
"Please don't think that by being peaceful you will become irresponsible and hopeless, letting everything fall apart. On the contrary, when the mind is peaceful and clear, when the mind is free to respond, you will be at your best. What you decide to do will come from that place of peace and wisdom. It will be your best, you will respond fluently, you will do what needs to be done, and you will do that which is most appropriate. "

- From "True Freedom," Ajahn Jagaro

Bitter, but Better

My neuroses are all still there, but I'm managing them much better than I used to.

I'm withdrawing, and I'm happy, or as happy as I can be, trapped in my skin.

I can't say I like me very much, but I'm learning to live with me, which is good enough, I think. =)


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